Commercial Vehicles

Image Source: MAN Truck & Bus AG
MAN Truck equipped with GEWES Double Universal Shaft

Commercial vehicles must transport goods and people in a safe and efficient manner. Transport companies focus on economical and sustainable vehicles. The reduction of CO2 emissions and exhaust gas standards are a challenge for the manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Increased international competition requires weight-optimised power trains as well as cost optimisation and a reduction in breakdowns.

GEWES offers power train components and parts to  manufacturers of commercial vehicles and axles all over the world. Our company has been ISO/TS 16949-certified since 2001 and our procedures allow for process-safe production of the components. The serial parts are inspected according to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) The traceability of the components is guaranteed for our deliveries. GEWES has been a tier-one supplier of double cardan shafts to leading commercial vehicle manufacturers for many years. GEWES double universal joint shafts also safely transfer the torque to the steered axle at a high steering angle.

GEWES produces axle shafts for powered rear axles in addition to propeller shafts for special applications.

GEWES kingpins, output and drive shafts in commercial vehicles and GEWES proceeding pins for differential gearboxes have proven their value in thousands of applications.

We offer our customers reliable quality and efficient production, short delivery times and high reliability of delivery as an established and experienced partner.

Produkte: Double Cardan shafts, Flange shafts, Propeller shafts, Precision Turned Parts, Input shafts


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