Steel and aluminium

glowing steel slab in roller

The trend in steel and aluminium production is towards quality products that must be be rolled at increasingly high torques. In parallel, more energy-efficient production methods are developed. Reduced energy demand should be accompanied by longer service life to increase the economic efficiency of the rolling process. Maintenance must aim to prevent unexpected downtimes but should also be performed within a very short time and only after long maintenance intervals. The economic efficiency of an investment is, after all, determined by the life cycle costs incurred over the whole product life cycle.

Drive systems in steel and aluminium plants need to meet high requirements. Heat, an aggressive atmosphere and extreme torque peaks must be handled. GEWES cardan shafts are fully prepared for these applications.  Raw material of premium quality is used for high-performance drive shafts. Experience and cautious design have provided the cardan shafts with the appropriate safety reserves for demanding applications in steel and aluminium processing and facilitate a long service life. The maintenance-friendly design of the GEWES high-performance cardan shafts with split bearing eye allows a quick maintenance of the cardan shaft and therefore helps to save money.

Products: Cardan shafts

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