chinese high-speed train in railway station

Current passenger transport by rail increasingly involves the use of high-speed trains. The rail vehicles must travel huge distances every day and be able to provide high performance strength reliably and over a long time. The driving comfort should increase as well - noise and vibration should therefore be avoided or suppressed as much as possible.

Trains drive in a variety of operating areas and in a wide range of climatic conditions, ranging from extremely cold to tropical. Train technology has high safety requirements second only to those of the aeronautical industry.

Excellent quality management and approvals for rail applications have established GEWES as an important partner to rail vehicle manufacturers. First-class material quality, consistent traceability and special inspection of our drive shafts are required for our daily business with our rail customers. One option for inspection is isotope inspection of the welding seams.

GEWES cardan shafts are used in high-speed trains, diesel-hydraulic locomotives in goods and passenger transport, in diesel- or gas-powered rail cars as well as in tramways.

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