paper machine in paper plant

Paper-making machines ensure that our daily needs for paper, cardboard and sanitary paper are met. The demand for cardboard has been increasing for years, due to the increase in online business and changes in our purchasing behaviour. The paper consumption per head is steadily increasing in growing economies, so that more efficient paper-making machines are needed. 

The purchase of a paper-making machine is a high investment for the operator. The system must therefore be used day and night to ensure economical use. The paper production process is very energy-intensive and efficient, energy-saving technologies are therefore in demand. 

The rollers of a paper-making machine are driven by electrical motors and the torque is transferred by a drive shaft.

The cardan shafts must have a sufficient size and the bearings must be of high quality to ensure reliable control of the high moments of inertia.

GEWES has the knowledge and the right selection of drive shafts for the 24/7 operation of paper-making machines and high systems availability.

Products: universal joint shafts

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