Mining & materials handling

bucket wheel excavator in open-cast mining

The rough conditions in deep and open-pit mining, involving dust exposure and extreme temperatures from - 45°C
to more than 50°C, make special demands on machines and systems. The materials handling systems must provide extreme performance to move a large volume of earth and dead rock. High productivity with minimum downtimes must be achieved. Cardan shafts are part of the drive system and must therefore be very durable and and reliably transfer high torques to aggregates under these harsh conditions.

The crusher rollers and the screens of the sorting systems must be highly reliable.

Universal joints are used in the drives of very large machines such as bucket wheel excavators and spreaders, in conveyor systems, for material separation in grinders and crushers as well as in special vehicles and materials handling systems such as wagon tippers.

GEWES provides suitable drive shafts for this purpose; including double cardan shafts for the axles of heavy vehicles as well as rear axle and drive shafts.

Products: Universal Joint shafts, Double Cardan shafts, Input shafts


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