Marine applications

platform supply vessel on the open sea

Sea water and sea air cause extreme conditions for all components of a ship. Ship drives must be powerful, fail-safe and corrosion-resistant.

Energy saving and environmental protection are challenges that shipping companies must face. In ship construction, this is increasingly being achieved by light structures, primarily based on the use of high-strength, light steel structures.

The reduction of bearing points and mechanical vibration leads to more quiet and efficient drives.

GEWES develops complete solutions for mechanical power trains in addition to drive shafts. These consist of drive shafts, connection shafts, couplings and pedestal bearings. Powerful GEWES drives are used in tugboats, fast working ships, ferries and cruise ships, coast guard ships and yachts. Drive shafts are also used for lifting systems on deck, for ship loaders and unloaders on land, for container handling and for cranes.

GEWES is developing Cardan shafts and drive components for marine applications that are optimised for high design and implementation requirements and are subjected to special quality inspections, e.g. of the welding seams.

Innovative solutions made of fibre composite materials such as CFC (carbon-fibre composite for pleasure boats) and GFC (glass-fibre composite) drivelines are used in innovative solutions for special demanding applications, in addition to conventional cardan shafts. The use of drive shaft tubes made of composite materials can lead to a significant reduction in weight as compared to standard versions made of steel.

Our GEWES drive solutions have approvals issued by leading shipping classification associations.

Products: Cardan shafts, Intermediate shafts, Vertical spacer shafts (z-drives)

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