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Are you in search of a highly experienced contract manufacturer who offers machining, gear toothing, heat treatment, welding or balancing? Or do you need a single item or a small batch series of your workpiece?  In this case, we invite you to contact us and benefit from our experience, our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment which we gladly provide for the production of special parts additionally to our volume production.

At GEWES we completely rely on our manufacturing expertise. We perform all major processing steps in-house. Thus, we can ensure that all components are processed with the highest accuracy. As a result, we get final goods which meet our quality standards and are subject to narrow fault tolerance.

To achieve this, we have state-of-the-art machinery available, which we regularly invest in, and, of course, we rely on our specialised employees, which possess longtime experience and act responsible in their field of activity.

To get a detailed overview of our product range on precision turned parts and input shafts, please have a look at the precisions turned parts page.


When it comes to machining we rely on the most advanced technologies.

For instance, our 5-axis machining center allow complete machining of rotational symmetric and cubic workpieces. Technologies such as turning, boring, threading, milling and gearing are possible in a single-setup. This guarantees shortest lead times as well as a very high degree of precision which hardly could be achieved with conventional processing.

Cold Rolling of a shaft

Here we provide you with the essential data of the individual processes.


CNC - Turning

preferred production batchsingle item to small batch series
max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)1,250 x 2,800 mm
max. workpiece weight3,000 kg

CNC - milling / boring

preferred production batchsingle item  to small batch series
max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)3,500 x 1,000 x 900 mm
max. workpiece weight2,500 kg

Groove milling / groove drawing

preferred production batchsingle item  to small batch series
max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)70 x 2,400 mm520 x 500 mm
max. workpiece weight30 kg2,500 kg


methodcold rolling, hobbing, hob peeling, broaching
preferred production batchsingle item  to small batch series
max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)1,250 x 4,000 mm
max. workpiece weight4,000 kg
max. module14
profileaccording to DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ANSI 92.1-1970, additional standards upon request

Gear Toothing

Cold Rolling

max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)100 x 1,200 mm
max. workpiece weight30 kg
max. module2.5

Profile milling

max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)1,250 x 4,000 mm
max. workpiece weight4,000 kg
max. module14


Cylindrical external grinding

max. workpiece dimensions (DxL)70 x 2,400 mm
max. workpiece weight30 kg

Coordinate Measuring

big 3D Coordinate measuring machine for precise workpiece maesuring

You are in need of a high-resolution measurement of your workpieces? Measuring tolerances shall be as narrow as possible? Our modular measuring system precisely provides accurate and fast measurements.

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

max. workpiece dimension (DxL)3,000 x 1,200 x 1,000 mm
max. workpiece weight1,000 kg

Heat Treatment

Image of some of the Heat treatment plants soted at Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm

Our modern equipped Heat Treatment Facilities feature pusher type gas carburising plants as well as multi-purpose chamber furnaces and several shaft furnace plants. These enable a perfectly matched heat treatment meeting your needs.  You may also make demands on the services of our Induction Hardening Plant.

Our quality management supervises hereby all processes and documents the results up to and including structural assessment and material analysis.

The following data characterize the service range of our heat treatment facility.

Pusher Type Gas Carburising Plant

case hardening / carbonitriding
batch dimensions 625 x 625 x 500 mm
max. batch weight300 kg
Tmax / carbon potential930°C / 0,6 – 1,1%

Multi Purpose Chamber Furnace Plant

case hardening / tempering / carbonitriding
batch dimensions625 x 1,250 x 500 mm
max. batch weight350 kg
Tmax / carbon potential930°C / 0,35 – 1,1%

Shaft Furnace Plant

annealing without inert gas
batch dimensionØ 800 x 1,500 mm
max. batch weight500 kg
Tmax / carbon potential600°C

Induction Hardening

rotational symmetric parts
max. workpiece dimension1,500 mm
max. hardening depth 10 mm

In addition to that we offer you the following services:

Plastic Coating

max. coat thickness0,6 mm

Abrasive Blasting

steel grit dimension1 mm


Shaft ready to undergo orbital welding

Our welding certificates for railway and maritime applications give proof to our ability to fulfil the high requirements in safety-critical systems.

You also may benefit from our experience and accuracy.

This is the service range of our modern systems.

Welding Technique

GMAW - orbital welding
SAW - orbital welding
max.length welded assembly10 m
max. rotational diameter800 mm


balancing of a cardan shaft at the GEWES production site

To avoid damage to your machinery, universal joint shafts and rigid rotors that are operated at high numbers of revolutions should run with a minimum value of imbalance. Balancing reduces stress of the elements on both, drive side and driven side.

Gladly, you may have your universal joint shaft or your rotational symmetric rotor balanced at our site.

Service Range

universal joint shaftsrigid rotors
balancing quality acc. ISO 1940G 6.3 - G 40 G 6.3 - G 40
clamping length10,000 mm10,000 mm
rotor diameter max.390 mm 1,000 mm
belt bearing diameter-500 mm
max. workpiece weight1,500 kg1,500 kg
max. revolutions4,100 min-12,500 min-1

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