In the environment of our company, the general situation regarding COVID 19 continues to be uncritical.
In the state of Thuringia the corona regulations will be loosened a little at the end of the month. Wearing a face mask will stay compulsory as will the minimum distance rules.

It also will be recommended to further comply with contact restrictions.

We are consistently maintaining the measures introduced so far.

The company regulations continue to apply to all persons who are on our factory premises.
As before, the focus is on the health of our employees and business partners. Likewise this is also the prerequisite for ensuring the ability to deliver and the service to our customers as usual.

With reference to our precautionary standards, we still only allow external visits in exceptional cases.

Should the situation change, we will inform you immediately.

Stay healthy!




We keep up the previously initiated measures consistently, although the situation regarding the Corona Virus in the surrounding of our company has significantly improved and relaxed.
In doing so we focus on the health of our employees and business partners as before.
Likewise this is the requirement to ensure supply ability and service to our customers as usual.

With regard to our precautionary standards, we continue to allow external visits in exceptional cases only.

In case of any change in situation we will of course inform you immediately.

Stay healthy!

Update regarding Corona – Virus – May 8, 2020

In this special time the situation around Corona – Virus and its consequences still requires our full attention.
As hitherto we are aware of our responsibility while our main focus is on the health of our employees and our business partners.
Thanks to the further precautions that we initiated, we were able to guarantee a high level of security of supply for our production, keep up our business operations and production, and ensure our ability to deliver.
Despite the general easing of the measures against the spreading of corona, we will maintain our developed and successively optimized hygiene and precautionary standards.
Based on this you will receive our services and products as usual.

In case of any change in situation we will inform you immediately.

Stay healthy!


The current situation around the corona virus continues is putting our attention on.
The health and safety of our employees and business partners is very close to our hearts.

The measures introduced throughout the company in this regard ensure that production and all other business processes can be maintained.
If necessary, these measures are adjusted immediately.

We remain positive and will continue to be responsive and deliverable for you in the well-known service quality.  

You will be kept informed of the current status via our website.

Stay healthy!

Information about the Corona virus 25.03.2020

The situation regarding the Corona Virus changes rapidly, influencing the daily life routine worldwide and brings new and big challenges.

Our thoughts and appreciation are with all people, who work in public health care systems and those ensuring the basic supply for our daily use.

The absolute focus of our measures in respect to the spreading of Corona virus is the protection and health of our employees. At the same time, we will continue and do our utmost to keep being the reliable supplier and trusted partner for our customers.

Necessary preventive and protective measures have been taken throughout the company to protect our employees while minimizing the risk of spreading. Under these conditions and restraints, we currently are able to maintain business operations for our customers as far as possible without restrictions.

Our highest priority under the given circumstances is to take good care of our employees' health, avoid delivery delays and provide you with good customer service in these challenging times.

We continuously monitor the current developments very closely and are willing to react quickly.

We are in constant communication with our suppliers to ensure the continued supply of materials. Since we pursue the strategy of stocking raw parts to a reasonable extent, we can minimize the effects of any short-term disruptions in the supply chains through our inventories.

There are currently no restrictions in our production with regard to the required material supply.
Through our permanent supplier monitoring, all risks with regard to the material supply, which result from the current Covid 19 situation, are immediately recorded, evaluated and minimized by appropriate measures.

At present we also have a sufficient number of qualified staff available to maintain production and all other business processes.

If the current state should change due to further official measures, unavoidable material supply bottlenecks or other reasons that are not in our hands, we will inform you immediately via our website and thank you in advance for your understanding if it should come to delays in deliveries because of the aforementioned reasons.

However, we remain optimistic and do everything in our power to continue to be there for you. Your contact persons or their representatives are available for questions as usual.

We thank you for the trust in us and we wish you and your families all the best.

Stay healthy!

Corona Virus Information - Prevention and Protection Measures

The following preventive and protective measures have been introduced:

  • Additional hygiene measures have been implemented in our plant
  • Our employees are instructed to stay at home when they experience first symptoms or had contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 and to contact a doctor or the responsible health authority
  • General handshaking is forbidden and group formation are avoided
  • Breaks are staggered in order to avoid the gathering of people in common areas
  • Office rooms and workshops are ventilated several times a day
  • Meetings take place primarily as conference calls; in urgent cases that cannot be postponed, the number of participants and the duration is limited
  • Office staff can switch to home office if applicable 
  • Business trips are not allowed until further notice
  • External visitors are accepted in our factory in justified exceptional cases only

Stay healthy!