Research and Development

Development and testing

Excellent engineering is the basis of our success. Our experienced engineers in the GEWES development department work in modern 3D CAD and FEM environments to develop outstanding products for our customers and to ensure success through continuous improvement and innovation.

Having our own test benches allows us to test our products from the first prototypes to the later series in order to assess their functionality and to optimise them. Tests for static and dynamic part strength as well as measurements of technical parameters are performed. Our swing bearing seals, for example, are tested for resilience.

Valuable findings from all verification and validation phases as well as the test bench and field tests continuously extend our knowledge base for our products and are directly used in the further development process.

Variety due to modularity

Years of development work have led to a modular system of drive shafts and double universal joint shafts that allows us to respond with flexibility to the individual requests of our customers.

We use this modular system to develop customer-specific drive components for you and with you, in addition to our standard drive shaft programme. We advise you on technical issues and find appropriate solutions to meet all your requirements.

Customer-specific tests and prototype construction

We perform strength tests according to your specifications to ensure that your requirements are fully complied with or even exceeded.

Our sample and prototype construction provides you with test samples within a short time.

Environment and resources

Keeping the use of limited resources as low as possible is a challenge we have been facing for a long time. We produce using the latest and most efficient technologies. Our products are therefore designed to have a long service life, require little maintenance and have high levels of efficiency in order to protect our environment.

Light-weight constructions and the use of hybrid technologies are important areas of our research to ensure that your system will also be more energy-efficient and profitable in the long run.

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