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apprentice handling a shaft

New specialised staff from our own resources

Training is one of our traditions - Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm GmbH has provided training since 1948. A lot has happened since then; the processes have become more complex, our staff members require not only technical comprehension and craftsman's skills but must also be able to manage computer-controlled machine systems. We offer complex and interesting work that thoroughly challenges the abilities and skills of specialised staff.

Do you have a good or very good school-leaving certificate, an interest in technology, manual skills and sufficient diligence? Perhaps you already have initial experience, for example as a result of internships, holiday work or similar activities?

two apprentices at mill center handling workpiece

In this case, we would really appreciate your application for a training position at GEWES, because covering our needs for specialised workers with well-qualified and motivated young staff from our own company is the most reliable and efficient option for us.

Trainees are integrated into our company from the start, learn targeted procedures and production processes and are introduced to practical work at an early stage.

The company's in-house training and the technical college optimally supplement the practical work. At the end of your training period, you will therefore not only have a sound knowledge of your specialised field, but you will be ideally suited to finding a long-term position in our company.

How to apply for a training position

Send your complete application documentation, including:

  • a cover letter in which you briefly explain why you want to learn a specific job with us (not longer than one page)
  • a curriculum vitae in table form
  • the end-of year certificate of the 9th year of schooling or mid-year certificate of the 10th year of schooling

We want to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary use of paper, so please send us your application by e-mail to:

Please optimally combine the files into one pdf file. The file should not be bigger than 5 MB.

You may also send your application to the following mail address:

Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm
Personnel Department
Weimarische Str. 62
99326 Stadtilm

How the appliction procedure works

You can apply at any time of the year. Ideally, you should apply with an end-of-year certificate for the 9th year of schooling before the end of October for start of training in September of the following year.  We will invite you to a job interview if your documents are of interest to us.

Thereafter, we will decide on the allocation of training positions in due time.


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